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DIVERSITY:  Why We Care?

By embedding the Diversity & Inclusion strategy into the global business strategy, we continue to leverage and maintain strong leadership support, a compelling business relevance and action plans that lead to attraction, engagement, retention and advancement for colleagues.

Through this, we create a sustainable strategy that points the way for Diversity & Inclusion to add value to the business, talent, operational strategies and objectives for any organization.

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HR’s E-Mail Bolstered ADA Claim

A fired worker pointed to an HR professional’s e-mail raising concerns about his health as evidence of discrimination in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and a federal district court relied on the e-mail to let the claim advance.

SHRM Foundation Offers New ‘Veterans at Work’ Certificate

​Best practices for attracting, hiring and retaining veterans form the SHRM Foundation's new educational program developed for HR professionals, hiring managers and front-line supervisors. The free Veterans at Work Certificate Program is part of the SHRM Foundation's commitment to building more inclusive workplaces.

Supreme Court Expands ADEA’s Application

The U.S. Supreme Court extended the reach of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) to all states and localities in a decision that will make it harder for towns to lay off older workers.

Strict Dress Codes May Lead to Discrimination Claims

Company dress codes run the gamut from requiring workers to wear formal business attire to allowing them to sport jeans and T-shirts. Employers can usually set guidelines for business appropriate attire, but they may face lawsuits if they get too particular about how women or men should dress.

Companies Oppose Government’s Retraction of Transgender Rights

More than 50 companies want the U.S. federal government to uphold legal protections for transgender individuals, according to a recent letter opposing actions from the Trump administration to limit those protections.

How to Make Holiday Celebrations More Inclusive

Learn how to make those year-end celebrations more inclusive--and recognize holidays of various faiths throughout the year.

Cognitive Diversity Brings New Perspectives to Workplaces

​Race, gender, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation often come to mind when organizations are urged to be more diverse, but cognitive diversity—having workers who process information differently—also can benefit organizations.

Looking for Ways to Put Muscle into D&I Work? Check Out These Ideas.

Here aresome resources and advice on key people and groups that diversity and inclusion practitioners need to help them succeed.

Viewpoint: How to Engage and Retain Generation X

There are fewer Generation Xers than Baby Boomers or Millennials, but they are absolutely critical to the workforce and the economy because they possess something that technology cannot replace: a wealth of experience.

'Humans of New York' Blogger Shares Interviewing, Listening Tips with D&I Conference

A blogger who's traveled around the world chronicling individuals' most intimate stories, Humans of New York's Brandon Stanton said he is constantly surprised by how alike we are. He addressed the SHRM 2018 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition, and emphasized the importance of listening to one another.

5 Steps HR Can Take to End Workplace Harassment

Employers can reset workplace culture after the shake-up of the #MeToo movement, said HR pro and attorney Cindy-Ann Thomas, speaking at the 2018 Society for Human Resource Management Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition. She listed five ways employers can take action.

Promoting Gender Diversity at SAP: A Q&A with Shuchi Sharma

SHRM Online talked with Shuchi Sharma, global head of gender equality and intelligence at SAP, about the company's gender-related diversity initiatives.

Survey: Employer Awareness of Blind Workers' Capabilities Grows

Employers are more aware today than they were six years ago of the many jobs that can be performed by employees who are blind, according to a recent survey for the National Industries for the Blind. Here are tips for recruiting those individuals.

Taking Steps to Eliminate Racism in the Workplace

​There's a disturbing paradox in the American workplace. As organizations look to reap the benefits of a diverse, multicultural and inclusive workforce, the countervailing force of racism often undermines that effort, creating challenges that HR often is responsible for overcoming.

Tips to Correct Common Website Design Barriers

Website features may inadvertently pose barriers to people with disabilities. This chart highlights common barriers and solutions.

Computer Analyst, Sales Rep Among Top Jobs for Older Workers

AARP compared data from thousands of online job postings to determine which career fields will need the most new workers in the next two years. In many cases, the organization found, older workers already have the skills that these jobs require.

Viewpoint: How a Department of One Can Help Eliminate Hiring Bias

When the American Alliance of Museums--a small nonprofit with an HR department of one--set a goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in its hiring practices, there were three obstacles in the way. And one of those was the HR director herself.

Women Slowly, Steadily Take Seats on Boards of Directors

​A new California law requiring publicly traded companies to increase the number of female board directors is the latest example of efforts to improve gender diversity in business leadership. Some large companies are leading the way, but progress is slow.

Religious Exception Didn’t Apply to Fired Dean’s Contract Claim

The "ministerial exception" to civil rights laws for religious institutions didn't apply to a breach of employment contract claim brought by a fired seminary dean, a California appellate court ruled.

English-Only Policies in California Are Tough to Justify

California employers need to make sure they’re complying with strict new regulations governing English-only policies and national-origin discrimination.

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