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Temple B'Rith Kodesh 2131 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY 14618

The 2019 GVC SHRM Annual HR Conference

Event Start Date: 10/30/2019 7:30 AM

Event End Date: 10/30/2019 12:30 PM

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Cost per place: $80.00

Be an HRchitect - Strategies to Build Your HR Plan

Wednesday, October 30th

7:30am - 12:30pm

Location:  Temple B'Rith Kodesh, 2131 Elmwood Ave, Rochester NY 14618

This program has been pre-approved for 3.0 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) by the Society for Human Resource Management and 3.0 Business (STRATEGIC) credits by the HR Certification Institute.

Session 1

Utilizing HR Metrics and Data to Communicate Priorities to your Senior Leadership Team

This interactive session is broken down into three main part:

1.     Building the strategic business plan, in which we explore how to structure the project to address the needs of your internal clients--upper-level executives; EVPs/VPs; facility managers/directors; and team/project leaders--so that the project speaks to them

2.     How to understand your organization through pivot tables, in which we roll up our sleeves and explore how to re-form the data you already have to truly enlighten, inform, and measure success

3.     Building the business case for diversity, in which we help answer the question why, from a business perspective, do we want to not only be seen engaging in diversity and inclusion efforts, but more importantly why those efforts need to be real and meaningful to get the most return on investment (not just a paperwork exercise, not just a PR "stunt")

The key take-aways for the audience are:

  • It will likely be easier to "sell" initiatives to your executives if they are supported by data and analytics
  • MS Excel pivot tables are an extremely powerful (and extremely easy) way to get a better understanding of your organization (and is a tool you already have)
  • Diversity initiatives can take on many different looks, and many of them should be driven by sound evidence and supporting data. Diversity in the top teams, and overall within an organization, is best achieved through dedicated programs that focus on specific goals
  • There is a wealth of research indicating that diversity (and not just gender or race/ethnic diversity) is absolutely related to tangible, measurable, business success


Session 2 (concurrent break out option)

HR Budgets: Developing Your Financial Plan

During this session we Gain a thorough understanding of general budgeting principles to guide your ability to develop and manage a variety of budget types. Learn and apply the steps involved in developing a master budget. Practice tracking performance, forecasting, and contingency planning as a part of managing your budget.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Apply the general principles and methodologies for budgeting
  • Differentiate between department, responsibility, cash, capital, and master budgets
  • Develop a master budget
  • Contribute to forecast and develop contingency plans for budget variances


Session 2 Alternate Breakout Option:

Zoom....a Practical Approach to Developing a Strategic Mindset

An engaging and interactive session where you will not only learn the importance of a strategic mindset, you will also experience using yours!

How does one become more strategic? What is strategic perspective?  Strategic agility? Do I have to be an executive to use these skills?

Questions like this and others will be answered...

What you will leave with:

  • A practical understanding of the concepts of strategy, strategic thinking and a strategic mindset
  • An experience of yourself being strategic, and agile in your thinking
  • An understanding of why a strategic mindset is the foundation to all types of strategy work
  • Straightforward approaches to effective communication and connecting the dots as it relates to the bigger picture
  • The ability to use new skills right away in your role

Session 3

Employment/Labor Law Update

Paul Keneally from Underberg & Kessler will keep us informed on the current employment/labor related issues. He will be speaking to the audience about recent and proposed changes under the current administration and things that you need to know as an HR Professional.  Topics will include:

  • The status fall-out from the new NYS anti-sexual harassment regulations signed into law by Governor Cuomo last year and  this week and how they will affect the litigation and negotiation of sexual harassment claims in New York.
  • The NLRB's proposed new standards for union elections, and whether that is likely to affect the number of workplaces that have union elections in the future.
  • How employers have been handling the new world with Paid Family Leave available to New York employees.

As part of GVC SHRM's Community Outreach, we are asking that participants bring a toy or book as a donation to the Golisano Children's Hospital and other very worthy organizations. 

The following is the "Wish List" from the hospital, but you are welcome to bring any new toy or book or children's item, and we will ensure that it is donated so that a child can have a brighter day.

Child Life Wish List - Golisano Children’s Hospital - UR Medicine 

1. Superhero Action Figures

2. Small Lego Sets 

3. One piece Infant/Toddler toy  

4. Sassy brand rattles, Bright Start toy links

5. New Children’s short story books [English/Spanish] (no holiday, religious adult content or text books please)

6. New Board books for toddlers

7. UNO Card Games

8. Coloring Packs 

9. Velvet coloring poster with markers

10. Sweatpants for children [S, M, L, XL] 


SHRM Members:  $60

Non Members:  $80

Students/Members in Transition:  $30