If you are a SHRM affiliated member your username is your SHRM ID without any leading zeros (so 00011111 becomes 11111). To prevent hacking the new website requires you to press the blue LOGIN button to log in.
If you are a SHRM affiliated member your password is your LAST NAME spelled and capitalized exactly as it is on the SHRM site. If your last name is 3 letters or shorter add 1234 to it
Please login to the GVCSHRM Website.  If you are a SHRM Member and have associated with the chapter you already have an account that is tied to your SHRM account.  Your credentials are as follows:

Username: [This is your SHRM Member number without leading zeros]
Password: Your last name, capitalized as it is on the SHRM site. If your last name is shorter than 4 letters add the string 1234 to your last name.

NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD.  SHRM sends us the passwords and it will be overwritten with your last name the next time we do an import. 

For instance if your shrm number is 009999999 and your last name is Samuelson you would login with:

Username: 9999999
Password: Samuelson

If you don't remember your SHRM credentials you can look them up at www.shrm.org

If you are not a SHRM member you must first REGISTER on the site in order to create an account.  An account is required to sign up for events on the site.  Simply click the register link below.  Note that registration requires an email to be sent and confirmed for full registration privileges.  We collect your mailing, phone and email address so that we can send you updates about the events.

Final note - if your last name is 3 letters or less, you should add the string 1234 so for instance if your last name is Sun your password is Sun1234