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DIVERSITY:  Why We Care?

By embedding the Diversity & Inclusion strategy into the global business strategy, we continue to leverage and maintain strong leadership support, a compelling business relevance and action plans that lead to attraction, engagement, retention and advancement for colleagues.

Through this, we create a sustainable strategy that points the way for Diversity & Inclusion to add value to the business, talent, operational strategies and objectives for any organization.

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Congress Considers Nationwide Ban on Salary-History Questions

The proposed Paycheck Fairness Act would prohibit employers nationwide from asking job applicants about their salary history and require employers to prove that pay disparities between men and women are job-related.

Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Workplace Policies

When it comes to employment protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) workers, dealing with the hodgepodge of state and local laws and conflicting interpretations of federal law can be daunting for employees and employers alike. To ease confusion and provide clarity, businesses should consider adopting the most inclusive policies, employment law attorneys said.

Employer Couldn’t Selectively Enforce Prohibition on Sleeping on the Job

The U.S. Postal Service was liable for retaliation in a 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision, even though the employer said the plaintiff was found sleeping on the job.

Higher Termination Rate Among Women Suggested Discrimination

A bank manager who presented evidence that her employer fired women at a higher rate than men advanced her gender-discrimination claim to trial.

7th Circuit Curtails Applicants’ Age-Discrimination Lawsuits

Requiring job applicants to have no more than a certain number of years of experience is not age discrimination, the full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided.

Flawed Separation Agreement Does Not Bar ADEA Claims

A former United Parcel Service employee who signed a separation agreement that did not reference the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) could still bring an ADEA claim.

Supreme Court Permits Restrictions on Transgender Military Service

Transgender individuals continue to face barriers in employment, as the U.S. Supreme Court let President Donald Trump’s restrictions on transgender persons serving in the military take effect.

Returnships Can Help Unemployed Ease Back into the Workforce

Companies are launching returnship programs to draw in applicants who may want to come back to work but have been out of the office for some time. Such arrangements are proliferating due to their success rates, the tight labor market and companies' attempts to diversify their workforces.

New York Legislature Passes Transgender Rights Law

New York legislators passed a measure that will add gender identity and expression to the protected categories under the state's anti-discrimination law—which covers employment, housing and places of public accommodation.

Google Employees Fight Forced Arbitration Agreements

Google employees took to Instagram and Twitter on Jan. 15 to pressure companies in the tech industry to stop using forced arbitration.

Terminating Disruptive Employee Wasn’t Age Discrimination

A federal district court found no evidence of age discrimination when an employer cited a laboratory technician’s numerous complaints about management among the reasons she was selected for termination in a reduction in force.

Sexual Orientation Is Protected Class for Michigan State Contracts

As one of his last acts in office, term-limited Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed an executive directive extending sexual-orientation discrimination protection to a number of private employees.

Top Corporate Roles Are Rarely Held by Women

Women in top leadership roles are a rare sight. Experts recommend steps for seeking out, hiring women for C-suite spots.

Improper Cash Counting Undermines Retaliation Claim

A court dismissed a former employee’s religious-retaliation claim by determining that her repeated failures to follow proper money-handling procedures was the likely reason for her termination.

Federal Law Protects Stereotyped Transgender Employees

As an employer in Colorado recently learned, Title VII’s protections against discrimination arising from sex-based stereotypes also apply to transgender employees.

City Lawfully Declined to Promote Strict Captain

A female police captain denied promotion to major could not show gender discrimination because of her admitted strictness with subordinates and exacting views of right and wrong, a federal district court ruled.

Unwelcome Hugging Allegations Target U.K. Luxury Fashion Retailer

​Women are coming forward with allegations of unprofessional behavior at U.K. luxury fashion retailer Ted Baker, decrying the practice of "unwelcome hugging" and other inappropriate behavior.

Restaurant Operations Director Advances Age-Discrimination Lawsuit

The director of operations for several McDonald's franchise restaurants can proceed with her age-bias lawsuit against the franchise owners, a California appellate court ruled. Although the owners claimed that they fired the plaintiff to save money in light of declining profits, a jury could find that this explanation is a pretext for unlawful discrimination, the court said.

‘Best Companies for Dads’ Spotlights Exemplary Support for Working Fathers

Organizations on Working Mother magazine’s inaugural list of Best Companies for Dads are leaders in providing paternity leave, phased back-to-work programs, telecommuting opportunities and flexible schedules.

Fired Worker Advances Race-Bias Claim

A former employee could proceed on a claim that her employer treated her differently from other similarly situated employees on account of race when the employer decided to fire her.

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